"Robin Bond Interiors DBA Draped was superior to anyone I have used in the past.
We ordered window blinds for several windows in our guesthouse, and we will certainly be calling on them again for our main house to begin in December!
They were not only prompt but extremely polite and efficient!
We were told precise days and times our project would occur/be done.
Great group of people!
I highly recommend this company!"

- Stuart

"We are just so thankful for the highly professional and overall beautiful design and installation of the drapery hardware of the master bedroom drapes created by our precious loved one. What a blessing Draped of Robin Bond Interiors has been to us, in our cherished home. We look forward to our next project to be designed and implemented by Draped!"

- Holly

"If you want the prettiest drapes EVER to accent, feature and shape your home, I urge you to select DBA Draped out of Austin, Texas!! I am so incredibly pleased with the services Draped provided over the course nearly three years and a remodeling and redecorating project that covered five separate rooms.

While I reside in Maryland, Robin Bond Interiors (RBI), was so strongly recommended by one her clients in Austin, I decided to take the risk and do my remodeling projects with RBI over the internet. Yikes!! Scary Right?! Well NO, not at all. Once you do the first room, you will feel like a pro and consistently gain confidence in RBI and Draped like me. Since, RBI's online room design program allowed me develop, build and execute my design wishes collaboratively with Robin and her staff, I was able to control the pace and the integration of the project. This was very appealing, as the process was simple, engaging, creative and fun! I learned so much through the discourse and was really able to identify what I favored and what my design preferences were... AND the best part of bringing the decorating vision to life was bringing in the drapes. So, you may ask 'how did Draped bring the vision to life?' Aren't there a lot of complex measurements? Isn't it too difficult to do by yourself?

Well.....working with RBI and the 'On-Line Room Design' program, I took all the measurements and pictures they requested; right down to the eighth of an inch and Renee at RBI triple checked everything to ensure we got it right!! Then, together, Robin and I carefully selected the fabrics, colors, textures and design for our drapes by exchanging emails and swatches via USPS. In turn Robin and her staff coordinated directly with Drapes to tailor the perfect drapes. The next thing I knew.... pristeen drapes were shipped to my home address ready for installation. Following the delivery of the drapes I coordinated with a local curtain installer to get them hung. Shortly thereafter, the drapes were flawlessly installed, providing beauty, warmth and the finishing touch to our designs.

Draped -- and RBI's 'On-Line Room Design" program; creative inspirations, detailed execution and impeccable value. They both have my full endorsement."


"We are so happy and beyond satisfied with the drapes and textiles and custom fabrics throughout our home. They add the perfect layer of design to our stylish decor. Draped was great to work with and all fabrics are high quality. We couldn't be happier."

- Megan

"Robin did an extraordinary job of working with my style, taste and budget for drapes in my living room and kitchen. She was very knowledgeable, professional and made the whole process very easy. These rooms are by far the two classiest rooms in my house now. People often comment on how lovely they are. I think custom drapery is like eyebrows are for the face. When done well, the whole look is transformed!"

- Alicia

"We interviewed several drapery companies and selected Draped, with Robin Bond Interiors. We worked directly with Robin on design and appreciated all her input and advice. We have been very pleased with the quality, consultation services, staff professionalism and attention to detail and overall service of the staff at Draped. They also hit all their deadlines, which in Austin with the hot market is not easy to do with some companies. We recommend them highly and we are continuing to work with them on other projects in our home."

- Deana

"It has been a pleasure working with Robin! She and her team are creative, knowledgeable, and professional. Robin recently designed and installed custom drapes in our home and they are beautiful! The fabrics and hardware are gorgeous and they really pull the room together. We love the style and warmth that the drapes add! Thank you to Robin Bond!"

- April

"Robin has designed several custom draperies for me, and they absolutely make the room! Robin finds both the perfect combination of fabrics to bring the room together, and the best way to frame the windows using curtain rods or other hanging techniques. Both my husband and I love Robin's drapery designs and highly recommend her."

- Christine

"We love the new valance, wooden shades and chairs in our breakfast area. Thank you so much!!! I really like the way it looks and ties everything together in the living room, kitchen and dining room. Also, thank Kevin for us as well. He did an awesome job and left everything in perfect order (I had to leave for an appointment before he was finished). Also, thank him for carrying off the valance that we removed."

- Suzanne & Jon

"When the time came for window treatments, Robin came out to the build site with all her samples. I am so pleased with our plantation shutters in the bedrooms. The custom made drapes for our great room and dining area get compliments from all who visit. They are truly unique & we are so proud of them."

- Joan

“I’ve been very happy with all the curtains and design help I’ve gotten from Robin and associates. They have been eager to please their customers, and are very attentive to detail. They really take care of you each step of the way, making sure you get what you want and that there are no surprises at the end. How refreshing! I was so happy with the first set of curtains they did for me, I ordered two more sets for other rooms! My house looks sooo much better because of their help! Robin, as a designer, really knows what she is doing. I love how she used color to really spice up the look of a room.”

- Phyllis

“Robin does excellent work and aims to please. She and her team are hard working and will work with your budget. They also work in a timely manner and try to give a good estimate of how long things will take to complete. Lastly, Robin is a person of integrity and can be trusted. She comes highly recommended.”

- Susan

“Robin and her team are so professional and listened to my needs to improve the look and feel of my home. I loved their ideas and I LOVE the results. They added beauty and comfort to my home. I am so thankful I met Robin a long time ago and would highly recommend her. Thank you Robin for making my house into a home!!!!”

- Judy

“It was a pleasure to work with Robin Bond Interiors. I needed a replacement blind for my bathroom. Robin came out herself to measure and determine the appropriate blind, including cutting the lower slats to fit the narrower space at the bottom.

After receiving the bid, all of my concerns were addressed quickly and efficiently. Payment options were simple with a link through the electronic document. The blind was installed quickly by a courteous and professional installer. Everything went very smoothly. There was no moment when I was not sure of the next step, as everything was communicated so well. Every person working at Robin Bond Interiors had my best interest at heart, no concern or question was too small. I love my blinds in the bathroom. The color and functionality is perfect. As a busy wife and mother of five, getting those necessary tasks done with such beautiful and excellent results takes the work out of the task and elevates it to fun! Thanks everyone! What a blessing and a joy!”

- Suzanne

“You were a delight to work with, professional, punctual and supplied excellent people to install. You were always available to answer questions or concerns. It was great to work with your company. When I get ready, I will be calling for more assistance.”

- Debby

“Hi Robin, John and I enjoyed your visit. I’d been thinking about a question you asked during our interview and have a better answer to ‘What are you most pleased about'?’ When I originally contacted you, my need was to have the kitchen and family room windows decorated, while maintaining the integrity of our view. The window dressings that you designed provided both beauty and drama to these rooms, yet effectively maintained the openness and the views to the outside. The family room especially, turned out magnificent, creating an artistic flare that framed the windows. They really are beautiful! I think this better described the challenge you faced with our windows, and how pleased we are of the results. I don’t think my words truly express your design skills, but I think you understand what we needed and what we achieved.”

- Marsha

“Many thanks to you for all you have done for the Repass home. My family has really enjoyed the “new look.” I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you and would recommend you to anyone I can! I like the way you listen to what our needs were and worked within our budget. You are honest, sincere and a strong Christian, which all is equally important in trusting you to decorate our home. When I first talked with you about working with me and you were giving me suggestions as we talked, I realized how very talented you were in decorating. It was proven in the work you did to our home!”

- Jennifer