Motorized Drapery in a Bedroom

If you have any sort of insomnia, shift work sleep disorder, or trouble sleeping in general, one possible cause could be that the space where you sleep is just not dark enough. If you have to sleep during the day the light can be a tough challenge to beat, but even at night, moonlight can be quite bright as well.

Our clients tell us over and over again that after we have installed blackout drapery that they sleep so much better. Transom windows are very popular here in Austin, and while they are lovely, it can become an awkward task for most to figure out how to cover them since they will still let in a lot of moonlight at night and sunlight during the day. For this client, we chose to mount their drapery over the transom windows so that they could have the total benefit of blackout drapery. Our client had specifically advised us that light had a huge impact on how she sleeps and so we wanted to make sure that the final result was perfect for her. We even went a step further and completely motorized everything so she can operate these beautiful drapes without even needing to leave the comfort of her bed!





The amazing thing about blackout drapery is that not only is it beautiful, but it’s also very functional. It insulates spaces from hot and cold when closed and even protects furnishings from sun damage during those times of day when sun exposure is highest.

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2019 Drapery Trends


Here are a few of the trends that will be going strong in 2019:

Jewel Tones

Many people want to play it safe with neutrals but being more daring with color is not only in style but also a great way to color block in a space. Whether it be ruby red, sapphire blue, topaz yellow or emerald green (you get the idea) jewel-toned drapery will result in instant drama!

Let the Light In

Contemporary Guest Bedroom with Faux Finished Curio Cabinet.jpg

Instead of a hard window covering shade or blind, opt for a sheer under drapery for privacy. I don’t recommend this for street facing windows, but if you have a backyard window that gets minimal sun exposure, a sheer under drapery adds a luxurious layered look (and some privacy) while still letting the light in.


After a prolonged season of minimalism, maximalism is beginning to trend and I predict it will be going strong by the end of this year. This means that the simple drapery panels and valances that have been so popular will go back to including accent bands, tapes, beads, brushes or fringes.


Drapery in patterned fabrics is also going strong. We especially love geometric prints like the panels in this guest room, and repeating the fabric in the bedding is a great way to pull the space together.



Metallic drapery panels are still going strong and I don't see this trend slowing down anytime soon since there is an overall glamour trend emerging with a resurgence of Art Deco style.

Stainless Steel Hardware

Believe it or not, metal curtain rods are more popular right now than wood. Not only that, but practically every finish you can think of is popular right now… yes, even brass!

Creating quality drapery that hangs with style,

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