Our firm specializes in creating custom handmade drapery. We have fostered long-term relationships with talented drapery workrooms and professional window covering installers to be able to provide our clients with beautiful, high quality draperies. As a full-service drapery firm, we will handle your drapery project from concept to completion – we will schedule professional measurements, handle ordering your fabric and scheduling your drapery to be made, and schedule & attend your professional drapery installation. Our high standard for quality and attention to these details are included as a standard part of our manufacturing process and allow us to provide our clients with beautiful results are we proud to have produced.

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Many fabrics available on the retail market are sold in bulk as “seconds,” which means that they did not pass initial quality checks for dye lot (color distribution), finish, and sizing (stability of the threads). These factors are critical in ensuring your drapery treatment will retain the best possible look for years to come. Fabrics that are purchased through Draped are always first-run quality, and can be replaced by the manufacturer if flaws are discovered. Availability of inventory to ensure matching dye lots is handled by our firm, as well as all order management, manufacturing, shipping, delivery and installation of your custom draperies.

Construction of the treatments themselves can also affect the final look and quality. We produce our custom draperies with a 2-1/2 to 1 fullness for medium weight fabrics, and a 3 to 1 fullness ratio for lightweight or sheer fabrics. This fullness is what will distinguish high-quality custom drapery from entry level or ready-made. There are other advantages to purchasing your custom drapery through Draped, such as a double bottom hem, which ensures proper hanging and a better overall finish. Our drapery is lined with a quality blackout lining fabric that will make the final treatment hang better, insulate your interior, add a uniform appearance from the exterior, and quadruple the life of your drapery by protecting the fabric from sun damage.

There are many drapery styles available, from top treatments and decorative panels to fully motorized double traversing blackout drapes. To learn what type of drapery will suit your style and needs for the space, we are happy to schedule an initial consultation for you to meet with one of our experienced drapery designers.